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March 2020 COVID-19 Response

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

With the new Shelter In Place order in the bay area, I am now offering remote lessons, video lessons, and test riding evaluation.

Remote Lessons: These require help for the rider on the ground and a phone with a bluetooth headphones with a mic OR two phones with regular headphones with a mic. Using Google Duo or Zoom, the ground person will video the rider and the rider will listen to my instruction and respond through the headphones. Please inquire for more detailed instructions.

Video Lessons: These require a video of 8-20 minutes to be emailed to me. I will respond with roughly 4500 words, including a full evaluation of where the horse and rider are at, evaluation of rider biomechanics, and exercises to address any issues.

Test Riding: These require a video of a test, ideally taken from C or B/E, to be emailed to me. I will respond with a test sheet filled out with scores and comments, and a short paragraph evaluating the test as a whole. Keep in mind that without finishing my L program (which is on hold due to the virus), I am not a judge, which is reflected in the price of the test riding evaluations.

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